Martina Scattolin

Italian Teacher and Language Coach


Ciao! My name is Martina Scattolin. Welcome to my personal page that I’ve designed to allow you to get to know me a little better. I have also a contact form on the top right of the screen and all my social links at the bottom of the page… so feel free to connect with me! I’d love to hear from you.

A Little Bit (or not) About Me…

I am a little-bit-over twenty years old girl with a thing for traveling. And cultures. And eating. And crafting. And reading. And learning. And oh-so-many-other things!

I was born in Venice, but I grew up in the Alps. At the age of six, I found out that the world did not speak Italian, so I began wondering what was on the other side of my mountains. This is how I found out German, then English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese (so far!)

Reading about them, however, was not enough for my little brain… Therefore – ever since I was eligible for – I have been part of different summer camps abroad where I (finally) put into practice my French and English skills until I turned sixteen. This was a life-changing year for me, as I decided to leave my safe Italian nest, pack my things and pursue my language learning path in the United States (in Southern California, if you’re wondering. And no, no palms, ocean, and beaches)

After graduating from an American High School I graduated from an Italian one as well. Seeking a more international environment than my tiny mountain village, I ended up in Rome for college, where I majored in Italian and minored in Journalism from one of the biggest and oldest universities in Italy.

Eventually, following my stubbornness (anyone? parents wanted me to be a lawyer… HA!) and choosing one of my biggest passions, I decided to get a Master degree in Language Sciences and Linguistics at the University of Venice with a specialization in Teaching Italian as a foreign language.

Currently, besides working on a ton of projects related to language learning and self-study (one is Italian Uncovered,  in collaboration with Olly Richards from I Will Teach You A Language), I am vlogging in Italian (on YouTube) teaching Italian online (you can learn more about it here), where I get to meet amazing and inspiring people every day!


BA in Italian Language and Literature

With a focus on Italian modern literature and a minor in Journalism.

La Sapienza – University of Rome

MA in Language Sciences

With a focus on Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language.

Ca’ Foscari – University of Venice

Constant Skills Updating

Through webinars, seminars, certifications and laboratories.