What is

Compelling Input?

interesting input

Input should be interesting

We all know that in order to acquire a new language we have to be exposed to comprehensible input.
We also know that to keep our attention the input should be interesting: if we couldn’t care less about the horoscope to learn the future tense… it’s very likely that it will not stick with us for long.
But according to research, interesting might just not be enough.

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Input has to be compelling

To be truly effective, the input should be compelling, which means that the input is so interesting that you forget it’s in another language! Think about when you’re reading a really GOOD book, you get lost in the book, or in the so-called “Reading-Zone” (Atwell, 2007)
In a way, it eliminates the conscious desire to improve and shifts the attention on the content, so you acquire whether you’re interested in improving or not.

compelling input 1
compelling youtube 1

Krashen on the Compelling Input Hypothesis:

“Listening to or reading compelling stories, watching compelling videos and having conversations with truly fascinating people is not simply another route, another option. It is possible that compelling input is not just optimal: it may be the only way we truly acquire language


 I am determined to create content, not about the “dolce vita” and the lure of the find yourself in Italy, but content that will represent compelling input for all of you interested in what Italy is.

Join me for a ride through traditions, legends, food, music, art, cities, and nature to help you discover it… in bites! 

If, however, the themes and topics of ItalianBites don’t resonate with you, that’s ok! Again, it is all about finding what interests YOU!