Practical Stuff

  • Click on the red button “Schedule a Lesson” and follow the guided procedure.

    You will have to:

    • select your time zone
    • pick your preferred date and time
      • choose continue if you want to schedule only one lesson
      • select add a time if you want to schedule more than one lesson
      • select recurring if you want to schedule a recurring lesson (e.g. every Wednesday at 3pm)
    • Click on continue: you will be taken to the second step where you can insert your information
    • DONE! I’ll see you soon!
  • Alas, no.

    And beware of who tells you so. Learning a language is a full time, life-long commitment. As such cannot be reduced to one hour per week with a teacher.

    I can guide you through Italian grammar, give you tips on how to study or what to study. I can help you practice any skill, especially speaking, as well as adapting my teaching style to your needs and your goals.

    What I can’t do is infuse knowledge into you: sitting back and expecting to learn everything hasn’t made anybody magically fluent…

  • How sad! But that’s ok, I know sometimes life gets crazy…

    To cancel a lesson it’s enough for you to go to the email confirmation you received and click cancel on the link provided!

    Please note, though, that if the lesson is canceled with less than 24h notice, I do request full compensation for the session time. 

About the teacher

  • I have a Bachelors in Italian Language and Literature, and a Masters in Language Sciences and Applied Linguistics with a specialization in Teaching Italian as a foreign language.

    I constantly keep updated with seminars, webinars, and certifications to always offer the best learning experience.

    I am currently studying to get an additional teaching certificate (CEDILS).

  • I started teaching Italian as a Second Language in Rome as a volunteer in a school for migrants. Later I started an afternoon Italian laboratory for speakers of other languages in a middle school, as well.

    When I moved back to Venice I worked as an Italian tutor at Venice International University for a semester, while being an Italian tutor online as well.

    Eventually, in January 2017, I decided to move my teaching from in-class to online on a full-time basis.

  • I am fluent in Italian, my native language, of course. I am fluent in English (American) as I have graduated from an American High School as well.

    I do speak also Spanish (my current focus of study) and French, as well as Italian Sign Language.