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Podcasts by level


Beginners Italian (audio + text) > audio lessons from the Open University (Italian and English) 

FreeItalianSchool (audio + text) > American podcast with 39 audio lessons and the possibility to receive free transcriptions via email


Coffee Break Italian (audio) > Conversations in Italian and English

Radio Bue (audio) > web radio of the University of Padua’s students

Speak Italian with your mouth full (video) > video lessons of a university professor who used “the kitchen” to teach Italian

News in Slow (audio + text) > news, stories, etc. everything read at different speeds and translated into English


Al dente (audio + text) 

Profumo di Italia (audio + text)

Licia domanda (audio + text)

Dolce metà (audio + text)

Yabla Italian (video + text) > video with Italian or English subtitles; exercises and grammar explanations available on their website

ADESSO Podcast (audio + text) > weekly podcast of the super famous German magazine to learn Italian and discover Italy


Badi come parla (audio) > RSI’s column dedicated to the Italian language

Feltrinelli Radio and Best Video Feltrinelli (audio and video) > readings, interviews, authors’ comments of the famous Italian publishing company. Both audio and videos are downloadable on iTunes


Guessing game Enhance your vocabulary by guessing the word

Audiobooks Some my original stories and suggested audiobooks

Download the transcripts + the grammar focus:

Musica italiana Discover more about Italian music